The Wheel of Time Podcast Episode 3 "A Place of Safety"

John and Chris are back together to discuss The Wheel of Time Episode 3 "A Place of Safety" in full spoiler filled detail. We'll be releasing new episodes of our Wheel of Time podcast each Saturday's at 5pm GMT. The Wheel of Time Episode 3 "A Place of Safety" Synopsis and Details Based on the book series The Wheel of Time created by Robert Jordan Showrunner: Rafe Judkins Episode Directed by: Wayne Yip Episode Written by: Michael Clarkson and Paul Clarkson Story Editors: Michael Clarkson and Paul Clarkson Staff writer Celine Song Split in different directions, the fragments of the group make their way across the world, all the while looking over their shoulders and all the while trying to anticipate each other’s movements - to return to the Two Rivers or push on East to Whitebridge and on to the White Tower. Egwene and Perrin, are chased by wolves across the plains all the while trying to find time to rest and keep warm. At one one camp Perrin is tormented again in his dreams by the Dark One as he is returned to his Blacksmith and his dead wife. But the next morning Perrin and Egwene discover the wolves have led them to tracks that head East. Following them they soon catch up with a trail of caravans of the Tuatha’an - the travelling folk - who bring them into their circle for food, rest and safety. Rand and Mat stumble across a mining town called Breen’s Spring, where they head to the local Inn with enough money for food and a tarp. Here they are introduced to a gleeman called Thomdril Merrilin, who gives the two friends some very useful and expensive life lessons. The helpful serving lady Dana gives them work in exchange for food and shelter. But Mat has become increasingly irritant and is reluctant to help Rand with the jobs. At the back of his mind is the glowing purple rock and thoughts of other plunder that he intends to make from the dead body of an Aiel strung up on the way into town. With his jobs finished Rand soon discovers that the helpful Dana has not so helpful plans for himself and Mat. Dana’s dreams tell her the importance of the five companions to the Dark One. Having called on a fade, Mat interrupts Darkfriend Dana’s plans and they manage to escape with the help of Thomdril who kills the Dark friend before offering to take them East! Elsewhere, Moiraine and Lan find help in an unexpected and unwanted quarter as NyNaeve uses her skills as a Wisdom to treat the wound on Moiraine’s shoulder. Lan treats her warily after she tries to run him through and he is also disconcerted that she could track the group from Twin Rivers.

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