Twenty Thousand Hertz

#74 I Hear Here!

av Twenty Thousand Hertz | Publicerades 8/26/2019

Humans have been fascinated with acoustics since our earliest ancestors. From Roman amphitheaters to modern symphony halls, we’ve designed our spaces with sound in mind. But the relationship between acousticians and architects isn’t always smooth sailing. In this episode, we explore the way acoustics has shaped our history and what we might do to make our spaces sound better today. Featuring Emily Thompson, author of The Soundscape of Modernity and Professor of History at Princeton University, and Trevor Cox, author of Sonic Wonderland and Professor of Acoustic Engineering at the University of Salford. Twenty Thousand Hertz is produced out of the studios of Defacto Sound, and hosted by Dallas Taylor. Follow the show on Twitter & Facebook.  Become a monthly contributor at If you know what this week's mystery sound is, tell us at Consolidate your credit card debt today and get an additional interest rate discount at Go to for your $5 complete hair kit. Episode transcript, music, and credits can be found here: 

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