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Episode 1: How 2020 Changed Our Habits

av Twice Inspired | Publicerades 1/17/2021

Hi there! So - 2020 right?! It was the best worst year we could have ever asked for. From restrictions to lockdowns to breakdowns and an identity crisis (or two), I think it’s fair to say that everyone was affected in some way. Nothing will really be the same again. But we can always keep moving forward, staying positive and simply trying our best. Welcome to our brand new podcast Twice Inspired with us, best friends, Habibah and Shukri. In our first episode, we talk about the craziness of 2020 and how it led to us creating new habits. Habits are powerful and cultivating the right ones can be super difficult but are definitely worth it in the long run. We discuss Charles Duhigg’s best seller, The Power of Habit and Hal Elrod’s famous Miracle Morning. We dive into our struggles and what kept us going along the way. Give this episode a listen to find out how we tried to change our habits and become better versions of ourselves. And make sure to give us your thoughts once you have. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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Twice Inspired is an exciting, inspiring new podcast brought to you by best friends Habibah and Shukri. Tune in and join our deep, meaningful conversations as we try to live our best lives - spiritually, physically and emotionally. We discuss everything productivity, self-development and wellbeing. You may have heard it all before but sometimes it pays to hear it twice and be... Twice Inspired!