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Twin Peaks Unwrapped 231: Community Rewatch S2: Episode 10 & 11

av Twin Peaks Unwrapped | Publicerades 10/26/2020

Co-hosts Katy, Janna and Goldie from There's a Podcast All Right podcast join us to discuss Twin Peaks episode 10 and 11.  There's a Podcast All Right https://theresapodcastallright.buzzsprout.com/ Unseen Players Lindsay Stamhuis as the Narrator, Donna Hayward, Lucy Moran, Maddy Ferguson and Josie Packard @linzstam @TheBicksPod 25yearslatersite.com Rob King as Doc Hayward @RobEdKing  25yearslatersite.com  Aidan Hailes as Agent Cooper and Jonathan Kumagai @aidanhailes @TheBicksPod Twin_Petes as Hawk and Harold Smith @Twin_Petes 25yearslatersite.com' Andy Bentley as James Hurley and Pete Martell @abuddah  Join us on KAST for Twin Peaks Watch Parties: HERE Tee Public Merch Table: HERE Facebook: HERE YouTube: HERE email us at twinpeaksunwrapped@gmail.com Twin Peaks Unwrapped The Book: HERE "Sycamore Trees" written by David Lynch & Angelo Badalamenti & Performed by Chrysta Bell 

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A weekly podcast where we unwrap each and every episode of Twin Peaks, oh and lots of pie.