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Twin Peaks Unwrapped 232: Community Rewatch S2: Episode 12 & 13

av Twin Peaks Unwrapped | Publicerades 11/3/2020

Ben and Bryon talk with J.C. Hotchkiss, John Bernardy and Amber Welsh from 25 Years Later.   25yearslatersite.com J.C. Hotchkiss Managing Editor: New Media Twitter: @JHotch726 Amber Welsh Staff Writer  Twitter: @totesambular John Bernardy Managing Editor: Twin Peaks Twitter: @jpb_littlegreen Unseen Players The Pink Room  Schaffer The Darklord as The Narrator, Dale Cooper, Judge Sternwood, Harry Truman, Benjamin Horne, Darryl Lodwick, Norma Jennings, James Hurley, Hank Jennings, Andy Brennan, Leland Palmer, Pete Martell and Mr. Tojamura. Twitter: @schafferthedark   Tee Public Merch Table: HERE Facebook: HERE YouTube: HERE email us at twinpeaksunwrapped@gmail.com Twin Peaks Unwrapped The Book: HERE "Sycamore Trees" written by David Lynch & Angelo Badalamenti & Performed by Chrysta Bell 

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A weekly podcast where we unwrap each and every episode of Twin Peaks, oh and lots of pie.