EPISODE FIFTY SIX: Two Guys Talking Rush/ Pt.1 w Andre' Cholmondeley

Hello Rush fans! Welcome to Episodes 56/57 of the 2GTR Podcast! Dan and I will be back very soon…don’t you worry. We miss you too! Thank you again to music video pioneer Tony Van Den Ende our guest on the previous episode. What a legend! This week is a very special episode with a very special guest… Andre´ Cholmondeley If you remember Andre’ interviewed Alex Lifeson last Spring for Make Weird Music. Here is that interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrOdzTH1qWQ&feature=emb_imp_woyt Andre’ is a Asheville NC based musician, sound designer, guitarist, synthesist and founder of Project/Object, longest running Zappa-alumni-based tribute band in the world.  From the early 1980s, Cholmondeley has worked with synthesis in his original music, from early guitar synths and pedals to studying analog synths, musique concrete, tape splicing and world music at Rutgers University. Currently he works with an ever-evolving compact modular & guitar setup. Andre´ has demoed at trade shows internationally for MOOG Synths, and is usually on tour somewhere as Tour Manager, Tech, or Production Manager for over twenty five years with prog-rock, fusion and blues legends like Al Di Meola, Keith Emerson, moe., Derek Trucks, Ten Years After, Eddie Jobson and YES. He has toured & performed more than ten countries on two continents with over a dozen of Frank Zappa’s alumni like Don Preston, Ike Willis, Ed Mann and Napoleon Murphy Brock. Andre´ is an interviewer and show-host for MAKE WEIRD MUSIC, the popular YouTube channel and social media presence that promotes unique and envelope-pushing art and artists. Thank you Andre’! And thank you Rush Fans! Rush Rules! Love, John and Dan Please support the 2GTR podcast on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/twoguystalkingrush

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Amid generations of die hard fans what hasn’t already been discussed about RUSH? Even so, their indelible imprint binds us, propelling further discourse about our geek-rock idols. With every album and supporting tour, there was always hope of another glimpse of their exemplary musicianship. This is no longer. In scope Two Guys Talking Rush keeps the conversation and spirit alive about the technical, and philosophical mastery of a Canadian band that meant so much to so many.