EPISODE SEVENTY: Two Guys Talking Rush/Rush Haters

BAH HUMBUG! Yes, you read the title right -Rush Haters! And yes, Dan and I went there. Folks...lets face it...It is no secret that Rush are an acquired taste. And in this episode we learn from our distinguished panelists why. It's cool, more Rush for me... thats how I look at it. Tune and listen to Paul Green (founder of School of Rock) Leslie Ylinen (writer, journalist) and David Setgenian (just doesn't like Rush) discuss their aversions toward Rush. This was a tough one...but we all walked away still respecting each other. As it should be. Happy Holidays! Love John & Dan Rush Rules! Please support the 2GTR podcast on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/twoguystalkingrush

Om Podcasten

Amid generations of die hard fans what hasn’t already been discussed about RUSH? Even so, their indelible imprint binds us, propelling further discourse about our geek-rock idols. With every album and supporting tour, there was always hope of another glimpse of their exemplary musicianship. This is no longer. In scope Two Guys Talking Rush keeps the conversation and spirit alive about the technical, and philosophical mastery of a Canadian band that meant so much to so many.