Two Guys Talking Rush

EPISODE TWENTY SIX: Two Guys Talking Rush/ Pt 1. Craig Murray Renwick

av Two Guys Talking Rush | Publicerades 2/7/2021

Hellooo!!! (Ethel Merman voice) This week on the Two Guys Talking Rush Podcast, Handsome Johnny and Delightful Dan chit chat about their favorite soup recipes…. F-No! We chit chat about our favorite band ~ RUSH! But hey… if Rush were a soup it would be a big bowl of deliciousness…right? Rich, creamy, aromatic RUSH! Sorry…this is getting weird. All seriousness… This episode is a very special one. With the passing of Neil in 2020 we find ourselves still trying to come to terms with such a loss. It comes up a lot and we may never heal. This week rock/Rush photographer, writer, musician, and very close friend of Neil Peart…Craig Murray Renwick shares some very intimate stories and photos. We have never felt so privileged/grateful on this show ~ thank you Craig. And thank you to all of our fans who tune in each week. Even if it was by accident because you were searching for something more interesting. So please keep listening…because I hear its getting better ~ at least that’s what Dan keeps telling me. Share the podcast with your friends if you can… and enjoy a nice warm bowl of Rush Soup. Mmmmm soooo good… Oh and by the way…Rush Rules! Dam Straight. JK & DB Support our podcast on Patreon if you can

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Amid generations of die hard fans what hasn’t already been discussed about RUSH? Even so, their indelible imprint binds us, propelling further discourse about our geek-rock idols. With every album and supporting tour, there was always hope of another glimpse of their exemplary musicianship. This is no longer. In scope Two Guys Talking Rush keeps the conversation and spirit alive about the technical, and philosophical mastery of a Canadian band that meant so much to so many.