RUSH & RELIGION RECAP w Tom Beaudoin and Donna Halper Pt.1

Happy New Year Folks! It is a time to reflect as the year comes to a close. And as Dan and I look back on our accomplishments we pull those who are near and dear to us closer to our hearts. Ok...cut the cr*p... We are taking a break plain and simple. This episode is our favorite, and worthy of a recap. We will see you next year with some killer new episodes! Love yah! John & Dan Rush Rules!

Om Podcasten

Amid generations of die hard fans what hasn’t already been discussed about RUSH? Even so, their indelible imprint binds us, propelling further discourse about our geek-rock idols. With every album and supporting tour, there was always hope of another glimpse of their exemplary musicianship. This is no longer. In scope Two Guys Talking Rush keeps the conversation and spirit alive about the technical, and philosophical mastery of a Canadian band that meant so much to so many.