Type 40 LIVE • Doctor Who - Ask Us Anything Round 3

It’s that time again: Type 40 LIVE is throwing the show open to take YOUR questions for the regular panel. On anything even loosely connected to Doctor Who you can think of! Due to popular demand (Careful what you wish for folks!) It’s ”Ask Us Anything Round 3!!” Companions and viewers submitted their questions via our social medias. Who knows what the matrix has is store? Plus we take a look at the newest Doctor Who news and merchandise. Not forgetting to open the 500 Year Diary, to see what was going on in Time & Spaces past! Stream or download the podcast edition here!

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Type 40 is a Doctor Who Podcast from The Spacebook for The Fandom Podcast Network. On this show we take an in depth and extra-dimensional look at this beloved television series. The spin offs, the merchandise, even the fandom itself. Doctor Who's gone from home grown, family favourite to international entertainment legend. Shaping the landscape of the whole science-fiction and fantasy genre along the way for nearly 6 decades! Now step into our TARDIS to share these journeys and conversations here on Type 40: A fun, mix of reviews, interviews and feature episodes. With a regular panel of voices of all ages, from all over the world. United in their love of this adventure in space and time... Type 40 is available across all relative pod catchers and streaming platforms dimensions. Download or stream to listen and rock out with your Doc' out! Feedback via our social media platforms on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.