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Classic Replay: Divorce and remarriage – David Instone-Brewer and Andrew Cornes

av Unbelievable? | Publicerades 3/16/2021

This week we look at two different Christian views of Divorce and Remarriage. Andrew Cornes is part of the clergy team at All Souls Eastbourne.  He holds to the traditional understanding that Jesus taught divorce is only permissible for adultery, and that the Bible forbids remarriage. David Instone-Brewer is a New Testament scholar from Tyndale House Cambridge.  He believes the church has misunderstood Jesus teaching on divorce.  He claims that Jesus was responding to "any cause" divorce - a Rabbinical view of divorce popular at the time. They debate the Biblical and pastoral issues involved. For David Instone-Brewer’s book Divorce and Remarriage in the Church (Paternoster) Click here For Andrew Cornes’ book Divorce and Remarriage: Biblical Principle and Pastoral Practise (Christian Focus) Click here For Unbelievable? The Conference 2021 USA listeners check out our new USA website for exclusive resources and to support us: Subscribe to our newsletter and receive the free Unbelievable? e-book ‘In Conversation With…’   Support the show:    For more faith debates visit  Facebook   Twitter   Insta

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