Don't Be a Gluten For Punishment

This week on the pod, we tackle another topic that gets unfounded negative attention: gluten. And to help us with this, we are joined again by clinical allergist and immunologist Dr. Dave Stukus. We start things off with a discussion of what gluten is (spoiler: it’s a protein) and what foods it is found in. We move onto a conversation about medical issues that would require someone to avoid gluten, such as celiac disease and wheat allergies and how they are diagnosed, as well as clinical symptoms. We talk about the emergence of the gluten-free food industry, and how it has led to the belief that gluten should be avoided unnecessarily. We talk about some pseudoscience that commonly circulates, including claims that gluten can alter your microbiome and create inflammation. We even touch on differences between wheat grown in the US versus Europe. TL;DR: if you don’t have a specific medical reason, enjoy all the bread! Check us out on Substack and Instagram: PLEASE NOTE: The discussion and information provided in this podcast are for general educational, scientific, and informational purposes only and are not intended as, and should not be treated as, medical or other professional advice for any particular individual or individuals. Every person and medical issue is different, and diagnosis and treatment requires consideration of specific facts often unique to the individual. As such, the information contained in this podcast should not be used as a substitute for consultation with and/or treatment by a doctor or other medical professional. If you are experiencing any medical issue or have any medical concern, you should consult with a doctor or other medical professional. Further, due to the inherent limitations of a podcast such as this as well as ongoing scientific developments, we do not guarantee the completeness or accuracy of the information or analysis provided in this podcast, although, of course we always endeavor to provide comprehensive information and analysis. In no event may Unbiased Science or any of the participants in this podcast be held liable to the listener or anyone else for any decision allegedly made or action allegedly taken or not taken allegedly in reliance on the discussion or information in this podcast or for any damages allegedly resulting from such reliance. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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