1. The Returning Soldier

It’s 1973 and the UK is in crisis: runaway inflation, industrial strike action and political turmoil. Unnoticed at the time - in hospitals and front rooms around the country - something odd is happening with the country’s newborns. A higher proportion of boys are being born than ever before in the 20th Century. What was behind this puzzling trend? Hannah Fry follows one researcher’s obsessive mission to unravel the mystery.Episode Producer: Ilan Goodman Sound Design: Jon Nicholls Story Editor: John YorkeA series for Radio 4 by BBC Science in Cardiff.

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Behind every line on a graph, there lies an extraordinary human story. Mathematician Hannah Fry is here to tell us ten of them. Uncharted with Hannah Fry will lead us through ten captivating mysteries to reveal the power of numbers behind each one. Along the way we discover the remarkable people who followed the data and unearthed something extraordinary.