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Ep. 26: Social Media - Has it taken over our lives completely?

On an all new episode of "Uncle, Please Sit!", Joel and Tushar talk to senior tech journalist, Jaison Lewis, about social media and the power it exerts over our lives.

The recently released Netflix documentary "The Social Dilemma" has started many conversations around the effects of social media and the negative way in which it's affecting us, both individually and as a society. The panel explores the power of the medium, its benefits, and the scary issues that have started coming to light. They also try to figure if there are any viable solutions to this problem or if it's already too late for us. Click through to check out the episode.

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From holding court in drawing rooms they have moved on to the much wider canvas of Whatsapp forwards. Who are these people who confidently squeeze out rubbish from everything they have read on twitter? On this podcast, Editor and Creative Producer Joel Pereira along with the Writer and Stand-up Comedian Tushar Abhichandani, attempt to counter them, along with the barrage of misguided opinions we are often inundated with from all sides.As Joel and Tushar peel the layers and misinformation of "Beta, you should do this and that", you will hear them say "Uncle, Please sit".Tune in to the new episodes every Monday.