Matt Ferguson

UNEQUAL SEQUEL - S01 EP03 - MATT FERGUSON Joining Dave and Rich on this episode to discuss his best ever sequel, worst ever sequel and his dream sequel is Artist, Art Director & Poster Designer Matt Ferguson Best known for his incredible work with Disney, especially the Marvel and Star Wars franchises, which you can find on his website, Matt is also the Co-owner and creative director of Vice Press. You can head to the Vice Press website to buy yourself some of Matt's fantastic designs to hang on your very own wall! Matt is also currently working on a release of some very exciting artwork for the 35th anniversary of the original 1986 Transformers: The Movie, which we are very excited about and if Transformers are your thing then keep an eye out for the Transformers X Matt Ferguson range coming on the 2nd of July. We'd love it if you could share our little pod with your friends and family. All you need to do is send them a link like one of these... Spotify - Apple Podcasts - Google Podcats - If you want to get in touch with the show here's how: EMAIL: TWITTER: @UnequalSequel INSTAGRAM: @unequalsequel We hope you enjoy the pod and don't forget please give us a rate and review (5 stars would be great!) and if you want to hear what other great guests are coming up on the pod then click the subscribe button to always know when the next episode drops. Thanks, we love you

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Hello and welcome to Unequal Sequel, a film podcast where the premise is very simple – we ask our guests their best ever sequel, worst ever sequel and finally their dream sequel.