Adam Wilk: From Spurs To Stocks & The Power of Doing Nothing

Today we had the privilege of speaking with Adam Wilk, Founder and Portfolio Manager of Greystone Capital Management LLC. He has a very interesting background, he worked with the San Antonio Spurs on the Acquisition Department, we discussed the intricacies of basketball analytics, what does his research process looks like, from initial due diligence to deep dives, and how much he spends on research, we also talked about two of his ideas At Home (HOME) and Thunderbird Entertainment Group (TBRD) and we wrapped our conversation with tips and tricks on learning how to do nothing.  [0:00] Introduction  [4:40] How Did You End Up Working with the San Antonio Spurs? [11:00] Parallels Between Basketball Operations and Investing [18:30] Is it Possible to Do a DCF on a Basketball Player? [28:00] The Key Main Drivers For Valuing a Player [39:00] A Day in the Life of Adam Wilk [45:00] Adam’s Bread and Butter Investment [50:00] How to Manage a Watchlist [1:00:00] At Home (HOME): Why Was It an Attractive Business?  [1:09:00] HOME's Private Equity Takeover  [1:19:00] Private Deals at the Expense of Shareholder Value  [1:24:00] Thunderbird Entertainment Group (TBRD)  [1:29:00] TBRD’s Bear Thesis  [1:30:00] Learning to Do Nothing  [1:42:00] Adam’s Hobbies  [1:50:00] More from Adam Wilk If you enjoyed this podcast please follow Adam on Twitter @AKWilk

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