Bauncey Chillups (@PrefShares): Court Vision, Financial Models & Video Game/Home Improvement Stocks

This week we've got FinTwit Anon Bauncey Chillups or @PrefShares on Twitter. Bauncey dives deep into a host of topics, including:  Court vision: Bauncey's metaphor of basketball and investing The Dangers of Complex Financial Modeling Home Improvement Stocks Transition Investors Lessons Learned From Investing in Asset Plays  Call Options Embedded in AAA Video Game Stocks I thoroughly enjoyed this podcast. Bauncey is someone I've wanted to get on the podcast for a long time and I'm glad he took the time to do it. I learned a ton and I know you will too.  You can check out our time-stamp below:  [4:00] Court Vision [20:00] Financial Modeling and buying businesses that excite you [60:00] Home Depot $HD and Lowe's $LOW [67:00] Investing in Water Rights [73:00] General Dangers of Asset Play Investing [76:00] The Mt. Rushmore of Transition Investors [89:00] Bull Case on AAA Video Game Stocks [101:00] Closing Questions Also big thanks to the following sponsors for making the podcast a reality! MIT Investment Company (MITIMCO) This episode is brought to you by MIT Investment Management Company – also known as MITIMCo, the investment office of MIT. Each year, MITIMCo invests with a handful of new emerging managers who it believes can earn exceptional long-term returns in support of MIT's mission. In order to help the emerging manager community more broadly, they created, a website for emerging manager stockpickers. For those looking to start a stockpicking fund, or those just looking to learn about how others have done it, I highly recommend the site. You’ll find essays and interviews by successful emerging managers, service providers used by MIT's own managers, essays MITIMCo has written for emerging stockpickers, and more. MITIMCo also occasionally and opportunistically hires new members for their investment team. To view the job description, please visit - [that's M-I-T-I-M-C-O dot O-R-G slash global dash investor]. The MITIMCo team spends their time learning about great businesses and investments, working with exceptional investors around the world in order to support generations of MIT innovators. Tegus has the world’s largest collection of instantly available interviews on all the public and private companies you care about. Tegus actually makes primary research fun and effortless, too. Instead of weeks and months, you can learn a new industry or company in hours, and all from those that know it best. Since joining, I spend nearly all my time reading Tegus calls on existing holdings and new ideas. And I know you will too. So if you’re interested, head on over to for a free trial to see for yourself. Quartr App Quartr is revolutionizing the way investors interact with IR departments, listen to conference calls, and engage in investment research. The best way to think of Quartr is like Spotify for investor conference calls. Quartr is 100% free and includes markets from twelve countries (with plans to expand in the future!). Investors can easily request new companies, and Quartr is quick to add them. You can learn more about Quartr by visiting their site,

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