Bluth Capital: Lessons From VC, The New Four Horsemen & SPAC Attacks

Hey guys! Todays guest is the anonymous account on Twitter @bluth_capital. Bluth has decided to surface from his interweb lair and join the podcast! We're going to discuss his VC journey and how it relates to big tech and SPACs. We're also going to discuss moats and the four horsemen of the new venture know-how (you'll find out what that means!). We'll then talk about the biggest risk that Bluth is acutely studying as we're 11 years into a bull market. Finally, we'll hit on NFTs, a commodities super-cycle, and some passive macro bail-outs. This is a loaded episode so I hope you strap in and enjoy! If you like what you heard, please follow Bluth on Twitter @BluthCapital [1:30] Why Join Twitter? [4:00] Bluth’s VC journey and how it relates to Big Tech. [13:00] SPAC Attack Thread: Virgin Galactic (SPCE) and 23andMe (ME) [27:00] How to Find the Strongest Moats? [40:00] The Four Horsemen of the New Venture Know-How: CVS, PM, F and GOOG [53:00] Passive Macro Bail Outs. [1:07:00] The New Antirust Paradigm [1:10:00] Commodities Super Cycle. [1:12:00] Possible New Investment: Yelp [1:17:00] More from @bluth_capital and closing questions. This episode is also brought to you by Quartr. Quartr is revolutionizing the way investors interact with IR departments, listen to conference calls, and engage in investment research. The best way to think of Quartr is like Spotify for investor conference calls. Quartr is 100% free and includes markets from twelve countries (with plans to expand in the future!). Investors can easily request new companies, and Quartr is quick to add them. You can learn more about Quartr by visiting their site, If you're interested in changing the way you research companies, download the app today and give it a try on Apple and Android. Finally, we're proud to announce our newest sponsor, Tegus! Tegus has the world’s largest collection of instantly available interviews on all the public and private companies you care about. Tegus actually makes primary research fun and effortless, too. Instead of weeks and months, you can learn a new industry or company in hours, and all from those that know it best. Since joining, I spend nearly all my time reading Tegus calls on existing holdings and new ideas. And I know you will too. So if you’re interested, head on over to for a free trial to see for yourself. We're also excited to partner with MITIMCo, the investment office of MIT. In order to help the emerging manager community more broadly, they created, a website for emerging manager stock-pickers. For those looking to start a stock-picking fund, or those just looking to learn about how others have done it, I highly recommend the site. You’ll find essays and interviews by successful emerging managers, service providers used by MIT's own managers, essays MITIMCo has written for emerging stock-pickers, and more. Check them out at today!

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