David Kaye: The Business of Video Game Development

This week we had a fantastic conversation with David Kaye, the president and co-founder of Snapshot Games. We talked about a variety of different topics such as David’s first video game company, how different types of video games companies will allocate capital, how NFTs could be used in the video game industry, Unity vs. Epic Games, and what are some KPIs that investor should look for when investing in the video game industry. This episode is brought to you by BullpenCareers.com. BullpenCareers.com is a job board exclusively for finance jobs. If you or someone you know is looking for a job in finance, check out BullpenCareers.com today! [0:00] Who is David Kaye?  [8:00] David’s First Company: Iron Realms. [14:00] Iron Realms’ Live Auction In-game Purchases. [22:00] Founding Snapshot Games   [27:00] Capital Allocation in the Video games Industry [32:00] How to Increase Player Liquidity  [41:00] Game Companies as Entertainment Power Houses  [46:00] The Video Game Metaverse  [48:00] NFTs in Video Games [54:00] Unity vs. Epic Games  [1:01:00] What Investors Should Look For When Analyzing Video Game Companies  [1:11:00] Closing Questions If you liked what you heard and want to learn more about David Kaye, check out his Twitter @DavidKaye, and PLEASE follow him. 

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