Robert Mulcahy: Tiny Stocks, Lemonade $LMND, and Letting Winners Run

This week is all about the micro-cap space and we have Robert Mulcahy or the @tinystockninja on Twitter. We covered a variety of topics ranging from how Robert started his investing journey, identifying mistakes and how to correct them, how he manages his portfolio and allocates capital, his view, as former insurance professional, on the $LMND AI Twitter debacle, and last but not least his bull thesis on his latest high conviction micro-cap bet: Crexendo ($CXDO). This episode is brought to you by is a job board exclusively for finance jobs. If you or someone you know is looking for a job in finance, check out today! We're also proud to introduce our newest sponsor, Quartr! Quartr is revolutionizing the way investors interact with IR departments, listen to conference calls, and engage in investment research. The best way to think of Quartr is like Spotify for investor conference calls. Quartr is 100% free and includes markets from twelve countries (with plans to expand in the future!). Investors can easily request new companies, and Quartr is quick to add them.  You can learn more about Quartr by visiting their site, If you're interested in changing the way you research companies, download the app today and give it a try! Here's this week's timestamp:  [0:00] Who is Robert Mulcahy? [4:00] Rob’s Investing Philosophy [6:00] Selling to Early: $JYNT and $ROKU [15:30] When to Update Your Estimated Fair Value  [19:00] Portfolio Management  [23:00] Artificial Intelligence in the Insurance Industry? $LMND   [30:00] What is $LMND’s Bull Case? [35:00] Disrupting the Insurance Industry  [39:30] Crexendo ($CXDO)  [47:40] Rob’s Screening Process [49:00] Crexendo’s Value  [53:00] Crexendo’s Bear Thesis [1:00:00] The First 1 Trillion Market Cap. [1:03:00] What’s on Rob’s Radar? [1:08:00] More from Rob and Closing Questions

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