Nicolas D Villarreal on Worker Inquiry, Economic Research, and Casper Forums

Please support our Patreon.  For early and ad-free episodes, members-only content, and more.Nicolas D. Villarreal is a writer and analyst on political economy and theory.  He has contributed work to Palladium Magazine and Cosmonaut Magazine. He is the founder of Casper Forum.   We discuss workers' inquiry, economic analysis and its difficulties, theories of interpretation, and the purpose of Casper Forum. Crew:Host: C. Derick VarnAudio Producer: Paul Channel Strip  ( @aufhebenkultur )Branding Design: Djene Bajalan and C. Derick VarnIntro and Outro Music by Bitter Lake.Intro Videos Design: Jason Myles, Dejene Balajan Support the show

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Abandon all hope ye who subscribe here. Varn Vlog is the pod of C. Derick Varn. This is the audio stream of Varn Vlog. We cover philosophy, political economy, art, history, culture, and geopolitics from a left-wing and culturally informed perspective. We approach the world from a historical lens with an eye for hard truths and structural analysis.