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Varvet International

#32 Noel Gallagher

av Varvet International | Publicerades 7/15/2015

The 32nd episode of VARVET INTERNATIONAL contains: English rockstar Noel Gallagher on happiness, therapy, Apple Music, why Kristoffer should interview Liam, comedy, Oasis, to have interviewee-skills, music, instagram, UKIP, success, Seinfeld, and (not) using FaceTime with your kids. VARVET INTERNATIONAL is sponsored by Squarespace. Host: Kristoffer Triumf. Producer: Christina Jeurling Birro. Editor: Lovisa Ohlson. Theme song producer: Maria Marcus. Music: Noel Gallagher - Ballad of the Mighty I and Oasis - Whatever. Research & cred to: Sebastian Lindholm och Fredrik Wikingsson.

Om Podcasten

An idiot abroad? Well, it's a Swede abroad! From time to time, I take on a guest and talk about drive, background, politics, dreams, work (VÄRVET is Swedish for "the task"), and the future. All in all, the Swedish and the English spoken versions of VARVET have been downloaded some 70,000,000 times. I hope you'll contribute with another one. Best, Kristoffer Triumf, Stockholm, Sweden