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18. How to Sell an Idea. A different kind of advocacy.

av Veg Up Podcast | Publicerades 1/27/2020

In this episode I talk about how you can develop your skills to communicate and sell an idea to a local store to get vegan/plant based alternatives into the store. To help not only yourself, but your community and the store by staying relevant and profiting from it. It's a win win. I touch on the steps I used to do this with our local store Winn Dixie, but also the psychology around how to put forward the pitch, so it makes sense to the store. You have more knowledge than you realize - it's time to use it. Develop those communication skills! For access to our VIP closed coaching group and trainings go to -      For our mindset course related to this episode go here -    To get my help -    Email me for further coaching options, packages & questions.

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