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19. HOW getting in shape makes you MORE money & opens doors.

av Veg Up Podcast | Publicerades 2/3/2020

In this episode I talk about how most people regard and see health & fitness as a COST or a luxury. When in fact if they realized that their ability to optimize their health & body would result in much higher levels of productivity, good mood & energy - which will open doors for you. Period. I go over how you need to see your fitness goals to make it stick long term and why it's SO much more than just being disease free, having abs or losing some weight. Your financial success & freedom will be impacted by this. Go to and make sure you sign up for our emails to get our latest tips, tricks and strategies to transform yourself inside and out on a vegan diet too!      For our mindset course related to this episode go here -    To get my help -    Email me for further coaching options, packages & questions.

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