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SEASON 2 - EP. 35 "Going Inward & It's time to get your House in Order"

av Veg Up Podcast | Publicerades 2/8/2021

VegUp Podcast Season 2 is here! Episode one is live on “Going inward” and getting your house in order for 2021, physically with your health, mentally with your psychology and everything between. And how I have been busy going inward.. Planning ALL of this. I truly sense that 2020 was like a prelude to what we might face in 2021. If you want to get informed & get your house in order. Then tune in. So much to come! But we kick off season 2 with this idea of going inward, in order to expand beyond old boundaries and how the divide between the people who are ‘awake’ vs. asleep has grown into an enormous divide. How does that impact you for 2021 and why going inward, pivoting and learning to be adaptive will be currency moving ahead.    For our mindset course related to this episode go here - To get my help - Email me for further coaching options, packages & questions.

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