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SEASON 2 - EP. 43 COST now or Later? (The downstream effect of everything)

av Veg Up Podcast | Publicerades 3/18/2021

In this episode I dive into the downstream cost decisions have on our lives that we don't 'see'. Many people operate through lfei doing things in the moment - not realizing the downstream cost of these choices. If you want better results in your life, wether it be with your physical body, health, mind, finances and relationships. This episode is a must-listen. The harder things to do now - will also yield a better cost-outcome later on. The trick is, how do you rewire how you think and reframe your perspectives to actually do this? I cover it in this episode. There is always a cost to things we do. Sometimes we think we are 'saving' costs right now, but actually come back later on with compound interest.   For our mindset course related to this episode go here - To get my help - Email me for further coaching options, packages & questions.

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