Blade II

The daywalker returns to Verbal Diorama for Sequeltember, and this time he has a Blood Pack.Guillermo del Toro admired Stephen Norrington's Blade so much, he analysed it in depth once he took the reins for Blade II. He wanted to build on the world of Blade (1998) by upping the blood, gore, martial arts and monsters, while also staying true to Norrington's original vision.On its release in 2002, critics were mixed on Blade II, and even now it sits at a disappointing 57% on Rotten Tomatoes, but Blade II gave us more than the return of Wesley Snipes in the role he was born to play, more than the resurrection of Whistler, more than the always perfect Ron Perlman, or more than the terrifyingly beautiful design for the Reapers. Blade II left a lasting legacy, which is still being felt today, and without it cinema would be very different and slightly less full of beautiful monsters... I would love to hear your thoughts on Blade II !GET IN TOUCH.... Twitter @verbaldiorama Instagram @verbaldiorama Facebook @verbaldiorama Letterboxd @verbaldiorama Email verbaldiorama [at] gmail [dot] com Website verbaldiorama.comSUPPORT VERBAL DIORAMA....Give this podcast a five-star Rate & Review Join the Patreon Thank you to all the patrons Simon E, Sade, Claudia, Simon B, Laurel, Derek, Vern, Kristin, Cat, Andy, Mike, Griff, Luke, Emily, Michael, Scott, Brendan, Ian, Lisa, Sam, Will, Jack, Dave, Chris, Stuart, Sunni, Drew, Nicholas, Zo, Kev, Pete, Heather and DannyBRAND-NEW Merch STORE!! T-shirts inspired by The Mummy (1999) with more collections to come!EPISODE THANKS TO....Most excellent patrons:Andy for his patron thoughts. You can find him @geeksaladradio on Twitter and his podcast Geek Salad on all your podcast apps.Zo for his patron thoughts. You can find him @BackLookCinema on Twitter and his podcast Back Look Cinema on all your podcast apps.Twitter peeps@dad_sleepy@holmesmoviespod@soyouthinkpod@hesster56@HarrymetMovies@kevin_thecritic@BurghFan004@Recastedpodcast@diabolicalpod@Teddyhoggle@dissectthatfilm@DWLundberg@ShoottheFlick@Oral_mfc@GenuineChitChat@jonnyliterati@RayTaylorInstagram folkNone this timeFacebook chumsJohnTheme Music: Verbal Diorama Theme SongMusic by Chloe Enticott - Compositions by Chloe Lyrics by Chloe Enticott (and me!)Production by Ellis Powell-Bevan of Ewenique StudioThis podcast is hosted by Captivate, try it yourself for free.

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