The Muppet Christmas Carol

There's (a little more than) One More Sleep 'Til Christmas, and with a Thankful Heart, it's time for Verbal Diorama to give some festive love to The Muppet Christmas Carol, so It Feels Like Christmas, finally!Starring Kermit, Miss Piggy, Statler and Waldorf, The Great Gonzo as Charles Dickens, Rizzo the Rat as himself, and the inimitable Michael Caine in his career-defining role as Ebenezer Scrooge, The Muppet Christmas Carol is not only one of the greatest adaptations of Dickens' A Christmas Carol, but also one of the greatest Christmas movies ever made, and this year it celebrates its 30th anniversary with a remastered version on Disney+, complete with the "lost" song "When Love is Gone".But out of over 150 adaptations of A Christmas Carol over the decades, how is the Muppet version so faithful to the source material, and why does it continue to endure? It's a story of loss, grief and redemption, and that's just the behind-the-scenes of this movie.The YouTube video by dress historian Abby Cox I refer to in this episode is hereI would love to hear your thoughts on The Muppet Christmas Carol !GET IN TOUCH.... Twitter @verbaldiorama Instagram @verbaldiorama Facebook @verbaldiorama Letterboxd @verbaldiorama Email verbaldiorama [at] gmail [dot] com Website verbaldiorama.comSUPPORT VERBAL DIORAMA....Give this podcast a five-star Rate & Review Join the Patreon Thank you to all the patrons Simon E, Sade, Claudia, Simon B, Laurel, Derek, Vern, Kristin, Cat, Andy, Mike, Griff, Luke, Emily, Michael, Scott, Brendan, Ian, Lisa, Sam, Will, Jack, Dave, Chris, Stuart, Sunni, Drew, Nicholas, Zo, Kev, Pete, Heather, Danny, Aly, Tyler and BRAND-NEW PATRON Jonathan.BRAND-NEW Merch STORE!! T-shirts inspired by The Mummy (1999) with more collections to come!EPISODE THANKS TO....Most excellent patrons:Laurel for her patron thoughts. You can find her @TheMidnightMyth on Twitter and her podcast The Midnight Myth on all your podcast apps.Mike and Andy for their patron thoughts. You can find them @geeksaladradio/@gundam_guyver on Twitter and their podcast Geek Salad on all your podcast apps.Pete for his patron thoughts. You can find him @TheRealPEEEETE on Twitter and his podcast Middle Class Film Class on all your podcast apps.and Nicholas, Ian and Brendan for their Patron comments, too!Twitter...

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