The Rise of the Moors: ‘We Want Our Own Nation’

Moors in America believe that they – and many Black Americans – are descendents of the Moroccan Empire, which they claim once extended all the way from North Africa to North America. This would make Moors indigenous to an America that far predates the United States.But beyond that shared credence, the movement is scattered. Some seek only to practice spiritual beliefs while others maintain that being a Moor means U.S. laws do not apply to them. A few even use their identity as Moors to justify violence, theft, and fraud. Vice News’ correspondent Alzo Slade takes us inside the different facets of the Moorish movement, to try and understand the alternate history they believe in, and why the current social and political landscape is making Moorish nationalism more appealing.This episode was produced by Jen Kinney and Sam Greenspan. Special thanks to Alzo Slade and Amanda Pisetzner VICE News Reports is produced by Sophie Kazis, Jen Kinney, and Adriana Tapia. Our senior producers are Jesse Alejandro Cottrell, Julia Nutter and  Sam Greenspan. Our supervising producer is Ashley Cleek. Our associate producers are Steph Brown, Sam Eagan, and Adreanna Rodriguez. Sound design and music composition by Steve Bone, Evan Sutton, Pran Bandi, and Kyle Murdock. Mixing by Evan Sutton. Our executive producers are Adizah Eghan and Stephanie Kariuki. For Vice Audio, Annie Aviles is our Executive Editor and Janet Lee is our Senior Prod Manager. Fact Checking by Nicole Pasulka. Our theme music is by Steve Bone. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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