Developing a Resilient Mindset With The UK’s Leading Life Coach Jacqueline Hurst

Where are we going wrong with our mental health? How can we build resilience to cope with the challenges of everyday life? At what point should we seek support for our mental health? In this episode of Vision of Health i’m joined by the UK’s number 1 life coach, best selling author and founder of The Life Class, Jacqueline Hurst. With over 15 years experience, and clients that travel from all over the world to see her, Jacqueline is on a mission to help people learn to use their mind properly and cope with the challenges life throws at us! This episodes covers:Jacqueline’s personal battle with addiction, anorexia and depression and how she transformed her life by developing her mindsetWhere we are going wrong with our mental health and why as society we are struggling with our mental health At what point we should seek support How the public perception of mental health has changed over recent yearsHow we should be using social media to protect our mental wellbeingTakeaway tips to improve your mindset and mental resilienceWatch the full episode on YouTube here: If you want to hear more from Jacqueline Hurst head to her social media page @jacqueline_hurst_, website https://www.jacquelinehurst.comand best-selling book ‘How To Do You’ podcast is sponsored by Femfresh™, leaders in feminine hygiene products, who are also committed to opening up conversations on taboo subjects and busting myths on women’s health. You can explore our educational articles on their website or on socials @femfresh_ukPlease do follow/subscribe, share with your friends and family and leave me a review! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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