Money Mindset & Mental Wellbeing. Delve In To Your Money Mindset And Free Yourself Of Money Worries with Finance Coach Laura Ann Moore

Over one third of us worry about money on a daily basis which can take its toll on our mental health and wellbeing. In this episode of Vision of Health, Money Mindset Expert and Financial Wellbeing Coach Laura Ann Moore opens up a judgement-free conversation about money and the psychology behind our financial decisions. Laura explains how to break free from feeling like money is controlling our mood and mental wellbeing. Laura shares her tips for delving into your money beliefs formed in early childhood and gives practical tips to rework your relationship with your finances. This episode coversThe statistics on how many of us worry about money on a daily basis Why so many people worry about money, despite having enough to cover basic needsWhat is a money mindset and how it forms during early developmental years The impact social media can have on our spending and mental health How to make a financial plan and finally take control Where to start if you’re in debt How our brains intrinsic reward system can influence our spending Practical tips for improving your money mindset and relationship with money WATCH the full episode on YouTube here: Follow Dr Frankie on Instagram @drfrankiejs If you want to hear more from Laura Ann Moore head to her social media page @laura_ann_moore or her website podcast is sponsored by Femfresh™, leaders in feminine hygiene products, who are also committed to opening up conversations on taboo subjects and busting myths on women’s health. You can explore our educational articles on their website or on socials @femfresh_ukPlease do follow/subscribe, share with your friends and family and leave me a review! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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