You’ll Never Have To Diet Again. The Fundamentals of Nutrition & Bringing the Joy Back Into Food With Em The Nutritionist

With rates of obesity, disease and mental health disorders on the rise. We are going wrong somewhere with our nutrition. In this episode of Vision of Health, Emily English, qualified BSc Nutritionist shares her knowledge of science, nutrition and love of hearty food, to teach us how to finally learn to eat in a way that makes us feel good, function well, and brings the joy back into eating. Also known as ‘Em The Nutritionist’, Em has accrued millions of followers on social media by creating delicious and balanced recipes of food you actually want to eat. She is also the author of debut book ‘So Good’.Emily shares her expert, but relatable advice on how to break free of diet culture, build a nutritious meal, and sets the facts straight on supplements, ultraproceesed foods and everything in between. Implementing her ethos and principles means you’ll never have to count calories again. This episode covers:Her personal history of eating disorders and complex relationships with foodHow to change our relationship with food so we never have to count a calorie again Her take on where we are going wrong with our nutrition How to build a nutritious meal What to eat when you’re on the go Why we should be talking about fibre How to actually eat to support gut health Ultra-processed foodsGlucose monitoring Takeaway tips to easily improve your diet (and clue it doesn’t involve cutting anything out!)WATCH the full episode on YouTube here: Follow Dr Frankie on Instagram @drfrankiejs If you want to hear more from Emily English head to her social media page @emthenutritionist her website and pre-order her new book So Good now podcast is sponsored by Femfresh™, leaders in feminine hygiene products, who are also committed to opening up conversations on taboo subjects and busting myths on women’s health. You can explore our educational articles on their website or on socials @femfresh_ukPlease do follow/subscribe, share with your friends and family and leave me a review! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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