Making audio more discoverable with Audioburst CEO, Gal Klein

Audio is chronically difficult to find. Invisible and not indexed in the usual places people search for information, such as online and in emerging contexts such as voice assistants. Yet, there's so much audio being produced and so much rich and dense information contained within it.Think about this podcast. In this conversation with Audioburst CEO, Gal Klein, we discuss a whole manner of different challenges when it comes to discovering audio content, both bite-sized summaries and long form information. Yet, you'll need to listen to the whole thing in order to benefit from it. And how did you find it? In a podcast player probably.But why can't you just ask Google what the main challenge with audio discoverability is, then dip straight into the specific part of this podcast where Gal explains it?The answer? Audio is notoriously difficult to understand and summarise. Yet, that is what Audioburst does.In this conversation, we discuss some of the core challenges with audio discoverability, the value of both short and long form audio and how Audioburst helps creators and businesses make their audio more See for privacy and opt-out information.

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