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EP -89 Rosie Acosta: Overcoming Life's Battles with Radical Love

Meet my friend Rosie Acosta, a beautiful and inspiring light in our wellness community. Rosie and I met years back on her podcast "Radically Loved", she was the only podcast host who went out, purchased my books and shared them with her audience; with love and devotion to her listeners - I saw this and I never forgot. Rosie and I also have this incredible sense of HUMOR together -- we laugh about everything -- we make fun of a lottt -- and we keep it 100% real. We have real followers, we practice what we preach, we are both accredited in our fields of chosen work and we both have a deep love for serving those who are in need (Veterans, homeless, low-income, broken, depressed) which is why she is a sister to my spirit and soul- on Episode 89 please learn from Rosie on her rocky, inspiring and dangerous journey, as a Hispanic-American to "Radically Loved" as we share her new book and Rosie's heart on the Wabi Sabi Podcast! Thank you Rosie! xx More on Rosie: Check out her new book: Radically Loved out, now! Rosie Acosta has studied yoga and mindfulness for more than 20 years and taught for over a decade. She hosts a weekly conversational wellness podcast called, Radically Loved. Rosie has traveled all over the world leading workshops, retreats and yoga teacher trainings. She works with a wide range of students, from those in her East Los Angeles community to Olympic athletes, NFL champions, NBA All-Stars and veterans of war. A first-gen Mexican-American, Rosie’s mission is to help others overcome adversity and experience radical love. She’s been featured in Yoga Journal, Well + Good, Forbes, The New York Post. She currently lives in Los Angeles. Find her on instagram @RosieAcosta and at

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