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Walford Weekly Ep. 141: Peter’s a Sucker for Suki

av Walford Weekly | Publicerades 1/17/2021

We delve into the stories that aired in the UK from 11th to Friday 15th January 2021 We’re all settled into 2021 and ready to be entertained with our favourite soap friends and ‘oh boy’: It has been a filthy week with an unexpected hook up for Peter, a puzzling week for Denise and an eye opening week for Jean. Don’t forget to get in touch with your thoughts about this weeks show! TIME STAMPS - (We ramble on sometimes, so it’s worth listening to the whole show!) 00:00 - Hello and Welcome to Walford Weekly! 01:50 - “Walford Gazette” - Is Maisie Smith leaving the show this year? 06:57 - “Shirley Smash” - Feat. Mick, Linda, Katy, Shirley, Frankie, Callum and Ben 17:43 - “Is-sick Note” - Feat. Denise, Patrick, Sheree, Isaac, Kim, Chelsea and ‘The General’ 26:42 - “Ruby Unraveled” - Feat. Martin, Ruby and Kush 32:29 - Game: “Martin Fowler’s Five-a-Day” - Getting your weekly dose! 36:15 - ‘Ian’s Max Warning’ - Feat. Sharon, Ian, Max, Kathy 45:37 - “Suki Fatale” - Feat. Peter, Suki, Ash, Iqra and Jean 53:44 - “Jean’s Message” - Feat. Jean and Mo 59:37 - “...I’m Not One To Gossip...” - Your tweets and messages from our social media Want more EastEnders goodness?  Find, follow and get in touch with us here: Twitter: @WalfordWeekly Instagram: @WalfordWeekly Facebook Group: ‘Walford Weekly Podcast’ YouTube: ‘Walford Weekly’ robwalfordweekly@gmail.com / alexwalfordweekly@gmail.com Website: walfordweekly.com Merch Store: bit.ly/walfordmerch Keep updated with news about our podcast too by Subscribing on your favourite Podcast app!

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