How to Stay Dry and Keep Warm When Nordic Walking with Mike Parsons

In episode 27,  I’m talking to Mike Parsons who has over 40 years of hands on gear making experience in the outdoor equipment trade. From pattern making, cutting, sewing, textile testing, lean manufacture, product design and management and online selling operations,. He has wide ranging mountain sport skills; snow, ice, rock, mountaineering, ski-nordic, skate, tele, alpine, mountain biking, horse riding. He has competed in over 30 Mountain Marathons and mountain activities on all 7 continents including the ascent of 18 virgin summits. He was formerly MD of Karrimor International and founder of OMM Ltd, a specialist in lightweight outdoor gear. Mike Parsons is now an independent innovation coach and, in collaboration with  Mary Rose  has established The OutdoorGearCoach with the aim of educating everyone involved in the outdoors with an understanding of the products and garments needed for protection.  To that end they have published a book called Staying Dry and Keeping Warm and run training programmes for outdoor professionals, who are keen to learn more about this subject. If you want to find out more about this subject of keeping dry and staying warm, then please do look in the show notes, where I will include links to Mike’s books, posters to download,  his training course, and his youtube channel, which has some great short videos or nuggets on particular topics, such as the importance of the hood.  If you would like to book onto a future workshop then please do email Mike at  You can follow him on Facebook at An Instructor you have enjoyed this podcast, I would be very grateful if you could show your support by buying me a coffee!  This enables me to continue producing these podcasts, as it will go towards covering the server and podcast platform licenses.   Not only is Nordic Walking a whole body workout, but it is also one of the safest and most sociable way to exercise.  Classes always finish up in a cafe enjoying a coffee together. Many thanks, Mary xI'm Mary Tweed, a British Nordic Walking instructor with Nordic Walking East Anglia. If you wish to share your story, do get in touch by emailing #WeAreNordicWalking #BritNW #BritishNordicWalking #INWA #NordicWalkingEastAnglia #onwf #nordicwalkinguk #walx #nordicwalkingaustralia #nordixx #urbanpoling #ANWA #anwaUSA #nordicwalkingnewzealand #nordicpolewalking #nordicpolewalkingnovascotia #nordicacademy #polewalking #lekipoles #exelpoles #fitnesswalking #skiwalking #polewalking  #greengym #mentalhealth #mentalwellbeing   #weightloss #posture #useitorloseit   #activeageing #nutritiousmovement  #exerciseanywhere  #BetterHealth #GreatOutdoors #fitnessforallages #walkwithease #outdoorgearcoachSupport the show

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A podcast for the Nordic Walking Community, both current members; those considering taking up this wonderful exercise; and people who want to learn more. Each week, I interview an expert in Nordic Walking and discuss the benefits of Nordic Walking on both physical and mental health. I am Mary Tweed, a British Nordic Walking instructor with Nordic Walking East Anglia.