Dan Steffens: Oil Supply Glut is a Myth? Wall St Loves Permian Plays

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed returning guest, President of the Energy Prospectus Group http://energyprospectus.com/ for oil & natural gas investors, Dan Steffens. Dan has over 20 years experience working in the oil and gas industry.

Dan has produced many winning oil investments for growth investors and also for income investors.

During this 25+ minute interview, Jason start off by asking Dan if President Trump has done any pro oil or pro energy things in his 6 weeks in office?

Dan says it hasn't happened yet but Trump's corporate tax cuts will also benefit the oil and gas industry once they are implemented.

Next, Jason asks Dan about the inventory increases in gasoline in the US? Dan says it's not a sign of a massive supply glut and he points out how there's been absolutely enormous (hundreds of billions of dollars) in capex cuts for the oil industry to bring on new long lead time projects and find new oil reserves.

Jason also asks Dan about the margins of onshore independent oil producers like EOG Resources and what margin they have at current WTI prices?

Dan gives out some oil and natural gas stocks he likes with good valuations and also good growth and he offers Wall St for Main St listeners $100 off an Energy Prospectus Group membership and a free month's copy of his newsletter if they email him!

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