Peter Boockvar: Yellen Federal Reserve Behind Curve, Will Raise Rates a Few Times in 2017

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed first time guest, Chief Market Analyst with the Lindsey Group and Editor of the Boock Report newsletter, Peter Boockvar

Peter's Bio:,

Peter is the Chief Market Analyst with The Lindsey Group, a macro economic and market research firm. • He is Co-CIO at Bookmark Advisors and a regular CNBC Contributor. Previously he was as a macro analyst and portfolio manager at Omega Advisors, a New York hedge fund.

Each day The Boock Report provides summaries and commentary on all the macro data and news that matters for your investments. Additionally I give broader analysis of what it all means and how it fits together with exclusive podcasts and video updates.

During this 25+ minute interview Jason asks Peter if he thinks President Trump wants a strong US Dollar relative to other currencies?

Peter thinks there's conflicting messages and policies coming from Trump and his cabinet/advisors. Peter and Jason discuss whether the Federal Reserve will raise rates in 2017 and if this combined with potential tariffs on imported goods into the US will create worsening stagflation in the real economy.

Jason also asks Peter about current stock market valuations, a global US Dollar shortage, growing currency and asset price volatility and whether any central bank can realistically reduce the size of their balance sheet in a significant way?

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