S1E6- All-New Spooktacular!

This week the boys ask and answer another 30 Questions about the sixth episode of WandaVision entitled All-New Spooktacular. To get YOUR questions on the show email us at [WandaVision30Q@gmail.com](WandaVision30Q@gmail.com) Bruce's Wanda and Vision Comic Connection Check out Bruce's New YouTube Page Join our Subreddit! Support us on HMP's Patreon Adam Portrais: Twitter Bruce Leslie:  Heroes and Villains Podcast Chubby Wizard Sean Kovacs: Twitter

Om Podcasten

Another in the long line of 30 Questions Podcasts comes WandaVision 30 Questions. Each week Adam, Sean and Bruce ask 30 Questions about the new Marvel Studios show WandaVision on Disney+.