Warren Eagles' Color Tour Podcast

Color Tour Podcast Episode 8: Eric Whipp & Wade Odlum, Alter Ego Post in Toronto

av Warren Eagles' Color Tour Podcast | Publicerades 4/1/2019

Alter Ego is one of the premier post facilities in the world. Based in Toronto, Alter Ego was founded 10 years ago by Australian Colorists Eric Whipp and Wade Odlum. They specialise in colouring on Baselight but the facility has grown to add VFX and production to it's roster. The guys balance colouring TVCs, managing over 50 staff, and still manage to grade blockbuster feature films…..how do they do it?

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The Color Tour Podcast is a relaxed chat with professional working color grading artists based in different locations around the globe. Warren Eagles visits their city and chats in their grading room and a local bar. The podcast focuses on the creative side of grading and looks at what inspires and motivates each colorist.