Episode 7: Gymbox's Rory McEntee on brave ads, experience branding, and the fitness sector post COVID

Gymbox broke the mould for fitness when they launched in 2003 from a converted car park in the centre of London. Since then they've gained a reputation as an experience brand that does cool and edgy ads that get noticed. In our first off-Zoom and recorded-out-in-the-real-world podcast, Wax/On's Mark Runacus meet's Gymbox's Brand and Marketing Director Rory McEntee to learn how they take creative risks ("ask for forgiveness not permission" Rory tells his team), how he keeps his experience brand fresh using a combination of in-house resources, freelancers, and agencies, and how he sees the fitness industry evolving post COVID.   +++++ Talk to us podcast@wearewaxon.com +++++ Leave us your review on iTunes. And please subscribe. +++++ www.wearewaxon.com 

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