Episode 8: Orla Weir from Ugly Drinks on disrupting Big Soda, trying a rain-flavoured drink, and being the Willy Wonka of seltzers

"We knew that Coca Cola and Pepsi wouldn't do it. And we could. This is what we stand for," says Orla Weir, Global Direct To Consumer and Brand Manager of Ugly Drinks on their unique brand. In this fascinating interview she explains  "We want to rebel against the fact that people are being given the sugary and sweetened products, but told they're all about something else… The ugly logo itself has this 'U' that’s kind of shaped like a tongue. And for us that was always a bit like sticking your tongue out at the big dogs."  Join us as Orla talks more about maintaining her brand's distinctiveness, launching in the US, the ups and downs of crowd-sourcing new flavours, and what she would love to do if she had the luxury of a big marketing budget."    +++++ Talk to us podcast@wearewaxon.com +++++ Leave us your review on iTunes. And please subscribe. +++++ www.wearewaxon.com 

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