Episode 9: Jason Gibb from Bread and Jam on food and drink start-ups, his own olive oil business, avoiding failure, and the power of purpose and branding.

Jason Gibb had a successful career as a TV producer: he brought Scrapheap Challenge to our screens,, exported it as Junk Yard Wars to the US and lived in Hollywood. But he tired of what he describes as his shallow existence in LA, and decided to do something more "wholesome" so he moved to Italy, bought an olive grove, and managed to sell his first harvest to Selfridges. He sold the business - Nudo Italia - and was inspired to create Bread and Jam, a festival for food and drink entrepreneurs.  Jason talks about his life in Hollywood, then encouraging his customers - including Barbra Streisand - to adopt olive trees, but most of all what he's learned from the many successful Founders he's worked with as part of Bread and Jam.  https://www.breadandjamfest.com/festival2021  +++++ Talk to us podcast@wearewaxon.com +++++ Leave us your review on iTunes. And please subscribe. +++++ www.wearewaxon.com   

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