How can AI help Santa? We and AI Holiday Special

Join Kevin and Peju as they head off on a festive adventure, asking a number of AI experts the crucial holiday question: how can AI help Santa Claus? We’ll be investigating the power of AI to create (bad) holiday films, strange Christmas carols, and lots of Yuletide magic. However and wherever you’re celebrating the season, this episode will lift your spirits and bring you some good cheer! References: Peju spoke about a neural network that researchers at the University of Toronto taught to write a Christmas carol: Kevin mentioned a team at MIT who used an algorithm called textgnrnn to create titles and plots for Christmas films. Find out more about it here: Special holiday thanks to our contributors: Louis Columbus Helen Gould Dr Robert Elliott Smith Deepak Paramanand Phillip Hunter Brhmie Balaram Eline Chivot Umang Patel Saint Nicholas was voiced by Harry Burton: Our festive backing music is by Linda Seeley; This episode was co-produced by Laura Robinson and Kevin Butler Hosts: Kevin Butler and Peju Oshisanya Sound engineer: Michael O'Reilly Jingle written by: Michael O'Reilly This podcast has been produced by an independent partner of We and AI and may not represent the views or practices of We and AI as an organisation, or that of its members.

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