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166 | Talking Fear, Money + Inspiration with Leda Akyuz of Woof + Wonder

av Wear Wag Repeat Podcast | Publicerades 5/19/2021

In this episode, I’m sharing a delightful conversation with Leda Akyuz about her journey to grow her dog accessories brand Woof + Wonder. If you ever get stuck in a comparison trap or have anxiety about how fast or slow your business is growing, this conversation is going to get you unstuck! Leda and I talk about a bunch of forbidden topics like fear, money and where to find inspiration without feeling like a copycat.

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How do you start the pet business of your dreams? What can you do to help pet parents to discover you? Can you juggle games of fetch with business growth? These are just some of the questions that award-winning dog mom blogger Tori Mistick asks in her weekly interviews with women in the pet industry. Working with pets is a passion… it’s also a $70 billion industry! On the Wear Wag Repeat podcast you’ll get social media tips, business growth hacks and inspirational stories to turn your passion for pets into a profitable business. You’ll also hear stories about the pets who inspire our businesses, keep us motivated to bring home the bacon, and teach us to live in the moment. The Wear Wag Repeat Podcast is an award-nominated show that's been featured in The Wall Street Journal. Guests and listeners include dog sitters and walkers, dog trainers and behaviorists, pet treat makers, pet product inventors, pet lover Etsy shop owners, pet bloggers, cat explorers and more!