Hosting Tips for an Unforgettable REHEARSAL DINNER

You’ve done months (maybe even YEARS) of wedding planning & preparation, and the big day is finally almost here! Last stop?  Rehearsal dinner. This week we’re reviewing everything you need to know for planning & hosting this extra special night with your family & friends. We cover everything from the ceremony rehearsal itself to practical tips for hosting your loved ones afterwards. DETAILED BLOG POST HERE --> Naturally, I have a ton of creative alternatives to taking 50 of your closest friends & family out to eat at a nice restaurant ($$$).  Beyond just saving money, we’ll also cover: When to start planning (hint - it might be earlier than you think!) Personality-packed options for location and food selection Tips for keeping the night on pace and organized And meaningful touches that will be remembered beyond the wedding day. This topic is so dear to me - I remember our rehearsal dinner as one of the most special nights of my life.  We grilled chicken, steak & veggies with our friends & family on the property where we got married, had all the fave drinks flowing, and a curated list of our favorite songs turned way up.  We laughed, talked & celebrated long past sunset, and it was a magical night.  I wish all the same for you! xo, Kara PS - A special thank you to today's show sponsors: Don't miss the Wedding Planning Podcast Photography & Videography mini-planning package! Get instant access AND save 75% when you visit Design the perfect cheese board, every single time!  Go to and use code wedding to get a FREE mystery cheese at checkout. Meet The Financial Gym, where Certified Financial Trainers™ work with clients like you to teach financial literacy, how to be accountable for their money, and how to make smarter, more strategic decisions about their finances. Visit for more info and use code wedding to get 20% off your first year of membership Get professional help planning your dream honeymoon when you email . Don't forget to mention the Wedding Planning Podcast for $50 off your booking!

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