Weekly Suit Gundam #24 – The 08th MS Team Review & Discussion

This week kicks off with Sean and Jonathan talking about some PS5 news, as the console got a full teardown and backwards compatibility detailed, before discussing Genshin Impact and Hades in greater detail. Then we take a quick trip to Sean’s Beta Corner to talk Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War, before diving into our main topic: Another Weekly Suit Gundam discussion, this time about the 1996 OVA Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team, one of the most universally beloved and undeniably entertaining series in the Gundam pantheon. We gush over the lush production values and incredible set pieces, discuss the vibrant cast of characters, puzzle over how best to categorize the bewildering 12thepisode (and why this should really be considered an 11-episode series), and also touch on the compilation movie Miller’s Report.  Enjoy, and come back next time as we move forward into the 2000s with Mobile Suit Gundam SEED! Subscribe to The Weekly Stuff Podcast on iTunes! Follow Jonathan Lack on Twitter @JonathanLack  Follow Sean Chapman on Twitter @SeantheChapman  www.weeklystuffpodcast.com Subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

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