Episode 265: Do You Hate Your Weight? Here’s What To Do Instead

If you hate your weight, instead of wasting time on blame and confusion and frustration, learn how you can be in charge of of your results. Show notes: https://realweightlossrealwomen.com/pod265

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Listen as Master Weight Loss Coach Cookie Rosenblum shares the secrets for lasting weight loss! Are you a woman who’s known for successfully managing everything in her life? Whether it’s your home, your job or your family, you know how to juggle. But if you typically keep lots of plates spinning in the air, at top speed, you may wake up one day to find yourself last on your own list. And may end up numbing out with extra food or eating your emotions. Don’t worry! There is another way. And Cookie will show you how. You already have incredible skills that you can use to solve your weight and eating issues. You can definitely learn how to lose your extra weight, stop emotional eating and bust through those urges to overeat. So that you’ll not only lose that extra weight, but you’ll lose the whole problem.