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De-Cluttering During the Quarantine: Creating a Clutter Free House While We're Staying Home. Episode 169

When we taped this episode almost a month ago, we never could have imagined we'd be all be where we are today. However, in our quest to look on the bright side of things, we think this episode is actually quite timely. Join hosts Kirsten and Graham as we chat with Kathi Lipp, author of The Clutter Free Home and host of The Clutter Free Academy Podcast. We’ll learn the psychology behind why casting off unneeded items can be so freeing and we'll give you practical questions to help you decide what stays and what goes.  Plus... why "Cheese of the Month" may just be the perfect gift to reduce clutter, how Kirsten almost got green lighted to ditch her china, and why Graham’s job as a podcaster doesn’t require a diploma. SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT: JONAS PAUL EYEWEAR FOR KIDS Jonas Paul Eyewear offers a home try-on kit for only $1. This kit helps you to find the perfect pair right at home and makes the process a fun experience for the kids and the parents. Jonas Paul makes stylish designer-looking glasses but without the designer prices! SPECIAL OFFER FOR WELCOME HOME LISTENERS: Head to and use the discount WELCOMEHOME for 15% off prescription glasses. BETTER HELP BetterHelp online counseling is there for you. With BetterHelp you can get help on your own time and at your own pace through secure, confidential video or phone sessions. BetterHelp has 3000 US Licensed therapists across all 50 states and if you are not happy with your counselor for any reason you can request a new one at any time at no additional charge SPECIAL OFFER FOR WELCOME HOME LISTENERS: Get 10% off your first month with discount code WELCOMEHOME To get started today visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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This is the Home-Ec class you wish you'd taken in school. Co-hosts Graham Smith and Kirsten Dunlap are two moms on a mission to help others create elegant, livable, welcoming homes. Join them as they interview experts, tackle specific challenges, and share their homemaking fails and successes. Real families, real budgets, real homes. Welcome Home!