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Are You Making Every Sales Call A Teachable Moment?

av Welcome to TheInquisitor Podcast with Marcus Cauchi | Publicerades 6/15/2021

Kevin Beales is CEO of Refract. Kevin has taken refract from start up to being acquired by Allego. Kevin eats his own dog food. He and all his team use their conversational AI to analyse every call, improving incrementally on a daily basis. Everyone one of their salespeople listens to at least one of their own calls every day so they can experience what is like to be a buyer buying from them. Refract helps salespeople understand exactly how they're performing, and compare their performance on every call with millions of other calls. Ambitious, growth minded salespeople love this kind of technology. Closed minded and brittle salespeople complain its "Big Brother" gone mad. Great salespeople practice on purpose. The rest practice in front of the customer. We discuss the power of incremental learning, self reflection and self assessment of performance. We explore the many challenges of building a fast growing technology business in a new category. We discuss the joys of dealing with staff, investors, being acquired. A frank, funny and honest conversation with a genuinely decent leader. Well worth a listen. Contact Kevin linkedin.com/in/kevinbeales Website: refract.ai  (Company Website)Email: kevin@refract.aiTwitter: kevinbealesKevin is always on the look out for top sales talent and potential. Drop him a line with a message that makes him want to call you back!--Think of someone who'd find this episode useful. Share it with them. And if you feel the urge to leave an honest review on Apple or Google podcasts, please do--If you want to be a guest on the show or can recommend someone you feel I should interview email me at marcus@laughs-last.com

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